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Getting A Beagle? Here Are Facts About Beagles

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Beagles originated from the United States. They were initially bred to use for hunting but they make great family pets. Today, Beagles have been prominent as house dogs and great companions. 

If you are planning to get a beagle for your home, then you might want to know more about them! Check these fun facts about Beagles and how interesting their background and personalities are.

  • They were bred for hunting. 

Did you know that Beagles were initially used for hunting? They have been bred to hunt rabbits and hares. Beagles have a phenomenal sense of smell and stamina. Therefore, they are good as hunting sniffers. 

But when fox hunting arises, breeders changed their sniffers and opted for the foxes instead. They crossed a Beagle with a Buckhound in the Foxhound.

  • You need patience when it comes to potty training. 

Beagles are smart and fast learners. But when it comes to potty training, they might lag a bit. Potty training Beagles does not happen overnight. Allow yourself to spare some time more before your Beagle dogs get used to potty training. 

Potty training should start around the age of eight weeks. Keep the training until 10 to 12 months old to prevent setbacks.

  • Their long ears serve a purpose. 

Their long ears are not only there too for your to ogle at. It actually serves a purpose. Their ears, when drawn out, reach the end of their nose. These ears catch scent particles and keep them close to the dog’s nose so he can absorb as much information as possible.

  • They are employed, just like humans. 

A lot of Beagles are employed, just like humans. Their incredible sense of smell is sufficient enough to make them fit for certain job roles. Beagles are often used as bedbug detectors. The Department of Homeland Security also uses these breeds in airports to find food in passenger’s luggage. Food is prohibited as it spread foreign diseases and parasites and Beagles have been a great help in reducing them. The team is called The Beagle Brigade.

  • They are energetic and playful. 

Beagles are very energetic and playful. They would want to play with you all the time which makes them suitable as family pets, especially for a family with kids. But the downside is, you would need to keep up with all their needs. 

It is suggested to take your Beagle for a walk at least 30 minutes a day and have playtime at least four to five times a week. Beagles are also known as “A nose on four legs.” They are also included in the hound group by the American Kennel Club. They need mental stimulation and hunting games.

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